Paid Photoshoot Opportunity Feb 28th, 2016 – TBA Bikini Models 360 Videography

TBA Bikini Models Paid Opportunity

TBA Bikini Models 360 Videography Paid Photoshoot

TBA Bikini Models is looking for 6-12 models who will be paid a minimum of $100 each for our TBA Bikini Models 360 Videography Testing.

All ladies chosen will be required to be available on Sunday February 28th, 2016 for up to 4 hours in Downtown Lakeland, FL between 11am – 6pm. You will need to be camera ready and need to bring 1 bikini and 1 sundress. This will be an outdoor shoot.

TBA Bikini Models has partnered with a 360 degree photography and videography company who is training us on how to use the new technology, so that we can offer the service to other event hosts, as well as utilize the system for our bikini contest events. Ladies will be photographed outdoors by a lake, in an area of a park that we have rented. You will simply be standing still, blowing kisses, walking up to and away from the camera, etc. Nothing complicated or that takes any real modeling skill. Pretty faces and gorgeous body’s are all that are needed. And of course a fun, outgoing personality…. we don’t like to work with snobs. Below are a couple videos, that are a demo of the technology.  The 360 company (GirlVR) will be paying for your time so that they can use the content on their website and feature you in their Model of the Month digital calendar, while teaching us how to utilize the technology for our own TBA Bikini Models 360 Videography.

Check out a few 360 videos at the bottom of this page and if interested in being booked for this video / photoshoot, please fill out the form below.



Please fill out the form below if you are interested in the TBA Bikini Models 360 Videography opportunity. If selected, we will be in contact!



Minimum 3 Photos (Full body, bikini, any additional)

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